Pow. Oxford strikes again. Bass…synth, attitude, glorious and musical drops…Oxford knows how to show us a good time. There are a lot of really good musicians these days, in all genres, it feels like an exciting time in music. Not to say that there aren’t a million more shite artists to every handful of quality ones but if you know how to sift through the garbage the ratio is still impressive enough to put in the effort. One of the great things that is happening is that there really feels like a return to a more musical approach to dance music. No more straight loop with minimal variation, the artists I am speaking of shift the elements thoughtfully, unexpected changes. Attention to detail that comes across to an expectant listener.

Oxford – Combo by Oxfordsounds

My only problem with this song is that it ends too soon. Not that it is not complete or too short necessarily it just feels so good I don’t want it to end. Transported away for the running time of the song and then deposited back into reality, longing for more.I wish I felt that way about more music.Keep up the good work Oxford. Free Download as well!!! Grab it while it’s hot. Binary Approves

Bonus Track –

Goldroom feat Chela – Fifteen (Oxford remix) by Oxfordsounds