Tune. Funky. Synth fantastic and full of groove. I am noticing and appreciating a resurgence of  up-tempo funky sounds  in my inbox lately. I am not sure if this is real or if I am just gravitating toward this sound more lately ( it goes in cycles ) but what ever the cause, upbeat funk sounds are leading me out of summer towards fall in a gentle and welcomed way. Where as the dropping temperature can often bring a more introspective and minimal turn to my tastes this year the groove isn’t letting go.

Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates Remix) by Strange Talk

From the onset this one has you, like you just showed up late to the party and jumped in right as the impending drop was painfully delaying euphoria.The synth bass, the well done vocals ala  Melbourne’s Strange Talk, the 80s aerobics meets nineties pop meets funk instrumental…..superb.

Plastic Plates has really done something here. As the last synth notes wash over the layered groove it is impossible to stay still. Bravo.