Touch Tone. This tune features Alex Koons of LexiconDon and has been on repeat around the Binary mansion…Ok….we dont really have a mansion per se but….how rad would that be? All neon and Erte originals, Ferraris in the circular drive way, marble,stainless steel, pool stretching out to a sick skyline view of LA….alright enough about the imaginary mansion.Touch Tone has stepped up his game and the inclusion of Koons makes for a really nice tune. check it out.

Touch Tone – “Make Believe” by TouchTone

Dreamy…steady groove that threatens to bounce, this is that classic Binary vibe. The haunting, anthemic vocal style..the well done crisp and fluid production. With the darker side closing in on music and vocals becoming samples, becoming syllables, becoming non existent, this is a breath of fresh air.Thanks Touch Tone. I for one Believe