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Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (feat.SLL)

“The Luxury of having you by my side, the luxury of you in paradise”…It’s that bouncy, dreamy, musical nectar of Goldroom once more. Funky guitars twinkling, bass just right, and as the sound fills your mind and room a smile spreads across your face. There is a playful, almost liberating quality to Goldrooms style and this is an excellent example of that intangible treasure.Transportive in a cool way, chill without seeming cheesy…Feeling this one for sure.

Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (feat. SLL) by Goldroom

Swedish twins Elektra and Miranda Kilbey AKA Saint Lou Lou deliver a smooth vocal that perfectly compliments the otherworldly vibes that Goldroom throws down. Think tropical paradise with a gorgeous girl and not a care in the world,think best day of your life, think joy.Goldroom is here to stay and I think we are all thrilled. Give him a “heart” on hype machine, buy the song on iTunes, share this post on your facebook page. Support the artists you love and keep the dream alive. Goldroom is doing it for us but a little help never hurt. Sweetness alive. Tune! Binary Approves,

Pelifics feat. Human Life – Can’t Promise Anything (Hemingway Mix)


Pelifics feat. Human Life and Hmgwy, yes please. James Harris of Toronto, AKA Hmgwy turns an already steamy original into a sensual joyride. Synthy, slinky,velvet vocals, it’s a stone groove. Electronic sound effects you say, hot chip-ish bounce with a sultry side of sexy serenade? Ah yeah…Monday just got a little more do-able.


Can’t Promise Anything (Hemingway Mix) – Pelifics by hmgwy

“Don’t make me wait…”


Throw this one on while your getting prepped to go out, on the way home from a particularly intimate engagement, at your next house party…in the car on the way to work. Hopeful and kinetic this is a jam for many settings. Well done Hmgwy. Brilliant once again.Binary Approves

Hot Hot Hawk feat. Patrick Baker – Electric Touch


The all powerful Goldroom has parted the clouds to enlighten me on this one and I am ecstatic. Electric touch indeed. Feeling this one in a Valerie collective type of fashion. Thats huge props if you know how I feels about some Valerie collective. Dreamy, funky, ghostly almost and undeniably funky. We are loving this one. Free download as well you say? too kind….far too kind.

Hot Hot Hawk feat Patrick Baker – Electric Touch by Patrick Baker

So damn smooth. by the time the synth leads and bassline go apeshit (in a gentle way) and the funky drummer infuses the groove with layered cowbell, (no, I’m not going for the played out Chris Walken reference) it’s a wrap. Get up on this one. Happy Monday. Binary Approves


French Horn Rebellion & Database – Poster Girl (Justin Faust Remix)

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, I don’t really, but I believe in love at first listen. After 10 seconds of getting to know this song, I was bobbing my head. After 52 seconds of getting to know this song, I was dancing on my desk. But after one minute, I was in love.

French Horn Rebellion & Database – Poster Girl (Justin Faust Remix) *free download* by Justin Faust
Poster Girl is the perfect combination: French Horn Rebellion, Database, and Justin Faust? I’m getting light-headed here! So please, before I lose consciousness, let’s go. Take off your jacket, put on those sequin pants, and strap on those rollerskates, because we’re going dancing.

Now tell me, do YOU believe in love at first listen? Your friendly neighborhood blogger,



HAERTS – Wings

You know those uplifting songs that just immediately put a smile on your face? New York City’s HAERTS has perfected one for you, and has appropriately called it “Wings”. It’s their first single, and it’s quite heavenly.


After first hearing HAERTS, I assumed it was some 80’s alternative rock band that was somehow left off my radar. And then I found out that they’ve received production support from St. Lucia…thus, I am intrigued and I can’t wait to hear more of what they’ve got.


Singer Nina Fabi’s voice is redolent of legend Stevie Nicks’ style, yet also reminds me of the current star Zola Jesus. The combination of the passionate vocals, plus catchy bass and drum at 2:45 will literally make you imagine yourself wings and float away into the afterglow…

So listen to the tune, allow all your feelings towards the looming winter to dissipate, and enjoy.

HAERTS, we hope to hear more soon.


Goldroom – Fifteen (Final DJs When We Were Young Remix)

Fifteen was by far, my most played song of the summer and I am pleased to say that Germany’s Final DJs have brought us an incredible rendition – one which compliments the original soothing beauty of Goldroom’s “Fifteen”, while also adding a jazzier, and if possible, even dreamier sound.

Goldroom feat. Chela – Fifteen (Final DJs When We Were Young Remix) by FINAL DJs

Basti & Thomas added their classic retro synths which we’ve all come to know and love, enhancing nostalgia and general appreciation for the song. They’ve modernized the original with a heavier bassline and a variety of catchy fades and build-ups. And let’s not kid ourselves – it’s capable of capturing those feelings of freedom and happiness that resonate in the early teenaged years. Pure nostalgia. Rainbows and butterflies.Beautifully done.

These guys have mastered the art of creating eclectic, psychedelic, and melodic nu disco. Needless to say, we love this remix in its entirety. Dankeschön!


In conclusion/summary, Goldroom / Final DJs = Artists on the rise. Check out the soundclouds….”heart” the tracks on hype machine…”like” the facebook pages…share their releases if you are feeling them…buy a song or two (yes people still do that)…grab a ticket and check them out when their tours hit your hood… That’s how we support the artists we love. Binary Approves!