Fifteen was by far, my most played song of the summer and I am pleased to say that Germany’s Final DJs have brought us an incredible rendition – one which compliments the original soothing beauty of Goldroom’s “Fifteen”, while also adding a jazzier, and if possible, even dreamier sound.

Goldroom feat. Chela – Fifteen (Final DJs When We Were Young Remix) by FINAL DJs

Basti & Thomas added their classic retro synths which we’ve all come to know and love, enhancing nostalgia and general appreciation for the song. They’ve modernized the original with a heavier bassline and a variety of catchy fades and build-ups. And let’s not kid ourselves – it’s capable of capturing those feelings of freedom and happiness that resonate in the early teenaged years. Pure nostalgia. Rainbows and butterflies.Beautifully done.

These guys have mastered the art of creating eclectic, psychedelic, and melodic nu disco. Needless to say, we love this remix in its entirety. Dankeschön!


In conclusion/summary, Goldroom / Final DJs = Artists on the rise. Check out the soundclouds….”heart” the tracks on hype machine…”like” the facebook pages…share their releases if you are feeling them…buy a song or two (yes people still do that)…grab a ticket and check them out when their tours hit your hood… That’s how we support the artists we love. Binary Approves!