“The Luxury of having you by my side, the luxury of you in paradise”…It’s that bouncy, dreamy, musical nectar of Goldroom once more. Funky guitars twinkling, bass just right, and as the sound fills your mind and room a smile spreads across your face. There is a playful, almost liberating quality to Goldrooms style and this is an excellent example of that intangible treasure.Transportive in a cool way, chill without seeming cheesy…Feeling this one for sure.

Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (feat. SLL) by Goldroom

Swedish twins Elektra and Miranda Kilbey AKA Saint Lou Lou deliver a smooth vocal that perfectly compliments the otherworldly vibes that Goldroom throws down. Think tropical paradise with a gorgeous girl and not a care in the world,think best day of your life, think joy.Goldroom is here to stay and I think we are all thrilled. Give him a “heart” on hype machine, buy the song on iTunes, share this post on your facebook page. Support the artists you love and keep the dream alive. Goldroom is doing it for us but a little help never hurt. Sweetness alive. Tune! Binary Approves,