You know those uplifting songs that just immediately put a smile on your face? New York City’s HAERTS has perfected one for you, and has appropriately called it “Wings”. It’s their first single, and it’s quite heavenly.


After first hearing HAERTS, I assumed it was some 80’s alternative rock band that was somehow left off my radar. And then I found out that they’ve received production support from St. Lucia…thus, I am intrigued and I can’t wait to hear more of what they’ve got.


Singer Nina Fabi’s voice is redolent of legend Stevie Nicks’ style, yet also reminds me of the current star Zola Jesus. The combination of the passionate vocals, plus catchy bass and drum at 2:45 will literally make you imagine yourself wings and float away into the afterglow…

So listen to the tune, allow all your feelings towards the looming winter to dissipate, and enjoy.

HAERTS, we hope to hear more soon.