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Ilo de Pancrate – 72H

Yes! Another dreamy, groove laden tune from Ilo de Pancrate. Again, next level, again wtf are they saying? Whatevs…the vibe is right. Musical, beautiful progressions, bass, synth and vocals that fade and chop in and out, impossible to classify. This is just good music.

Ilo de Pancrate – 72H by ilodepancrate

Direct from Paris, Ilo de Pancrate have an otherworldy sound. There is a quality to the way songs are arranged that is more like a band than a lot of electronic based (don’t say EDM) music that is out there. Overall we are feeling this. Check out the soundcloud for more out-there jams. Binary Approves. Happy Monday

Kris Menace feat. Miss Kittin – Hide (Final DJs Remix)

Germany’s Final DJs finish off a successfully discofied and musical year strong by gracing us with a holiday gift – a lovely remix to complement Miss Kittin’s “Hide”.

Final DJs add their dreamy, galactic touch to this one as they maintain the integrity of the disco-house genre, as well as Miss Kittin’s beautiful voice. It’s absolutely magical with a hint of retro. I love the progression and cosmic catchiness…

Blast it, feel it and soar through the space of your own dance floor. And lastly, I’d like to say congratulations on Basti & Thomas on a hugely successful year. Great work mates, see you in the states! cheers


Satin Jackets – You Make Me Feel Good

EXT: Tropical beach – Afternoon.
You are laying on the white sand of a Caribbean beach. The sun is warm. A slight breeze rustles through the palm leaves and your hair. You are relaxing, and so is the ocean.

The waves are calm; rising and falling, coming and going. You Make Me Feel Good by Satin Jackets plays in the background.

Your world is in sync; the water, the wind, and the music all have a rhythmic connection, and you are part of it. You let the song take you away like the waves of the ocean.

End scene.

An Ashley Armitage Production.

L’Etranger – 1997

Christmas came early this year for us nu disco fans. The UK’s Ben Thomas with alias “L’Etranger” released his EP “1997” via La Bombe Recordings last month – a musical production filled with a variety of funk, tranquility and some of the heavier stuff.

L’Etranger opens with “Skin” – a warm, psychedelic piece at the beginning that transitions into a groovier upbeat jam with wildly chewing bass. Already we have some musical versatility in the opening song… and I dig it.

“Binary” is a continuation of the heaviness at the end of Skin, in combination with the Daft Punk-esque French house sound and somewhat of a Soulwaxxy substance. It’s fresh, and quite different from L’etranger’s previous productions – but I’d be more than willing to groove my heart out to this song on some strange after party’s d-floor.


Next, we have “Laroche”… a beautiful collaboration of happy, heavy beats with a few chilled out sections comprised of relaxing piano chords – another Daft inspired tune, but very much originally de L’etranger.


“1997 [Prelude]” is an appropriate sample of the overall album, which introduces the hardcore bass feel while excluding the classic French disco sound.

Ben concludes the EP with “Mersey Mersey Me”, a harmonious and relaxed piece with soothing vocals that I can be best describe as a hybrid between Calvin Harris and Sebastien Tellier … a perfect song, with a perfect lyric to finish off the EP –


“But my heart it lies on the shore”.





Robots With Rayguns feat Patrick Baker – Right Through Me

Patrick Baker/Robots With Rayguns…Tune! After our last post featuring Baker I had been catching up on his great voice and silky productions thus far. That awesome experience of discovering an artist that has some jams out that I had entirely overlooked is more and more rare as I get deeper and deeper into the blogosphere and excellent taste of my fellow music lover/snobs. When I find someone that I am digging this much it is all the more valued and treasured. The quality vocals and authentic 80s vibe this guy throws down are something special.Already bought in, this tune emerged…


Robots With Rayguns paint a lush emotional landscape for Patricks vocals to breeze through. Cut, effected and spliced the feeling shines through. There is a longing, strained but hopeful. this is one of those jams that takes you to a specific memory, whether it was a sad goodbye, a cherished afternoon spent with someone who has stirred something deep inside of you…maybe it was a walk down the beach recounting those moments of the summer that we want to never let go.Mellow and meaningful it blows in, does its thing and departs.Check out their sound clouds and be swept away by this relatively unknown excellence.Quality Music. Happy Tuesday

The Supermen Lovers – We Got That Booty feat.AntOnin (Justin Faust Remix)

Who’s got that booty?

Germany’s Justin Faust provides us with a booty-licious remix by our favourite Parisian french-house duo d’jour, The Supermen Lovers.

The Supermen Lovers – We Got That Booty feat AntOnin (Justin Faust Remix) by Justin Faust

Justin strays from the main lyrics and funkier authentic disco sound from the original, and adds in more of a house feel. AKA, my favorite quality in a song: suitable for dancing.

With supporters from all around the world, such as The Magician, Aeroplane and Fake Blood, and of course Binary, this guy has been absolutely killin’ it.Happy Monday! The work day just got a lot more funky. Cheers!