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Bit Funk – The Long Road Ahead


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always feel like there’s a lag in the winter when it comes to the release of solid, quality music. Well, Binary is here to fire up the heat and present you with some brand new music to enjoy while getting cozy underneath those sheets.

Bit Funk – The Long Road Ahead by Bit Funk

If you’re looking to chill the f*** out tonight, Brooklyn’s Bit Funk has a new single “The Long Road Ahead” that’s calling your name. It’s a combination of hip hop drums, synths, catchy vocal samples, and a hint of disco. And I must say, this hip hop & disco relationship has me hooked. As one of Bit Funk’s facebook commenters has said, “this is Gramatik and Breakbot having a baby.” I couldn’t agree more.


Bit Funk, you’ve got as incredible, long road of success ahead of you. And we’re all stoked to jump on the bandwagon.

Best of all, it’s a free download. :)


Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me

Jagwar Ma is an act from Australia, recently formed by musician and producer, Jono Ma. This project seemingly appeared out of nowhere with the release of his single Come Save Me – but Jono Ma is no rookie on the music scene. He helped produce an album for Foals, he composed music for the Australian show The Slap, and he was formerly a member of The Lost Valentinos. Jagwar Ma is signed with the label Future Classic, which has also worked with Classixx, Sebastien Tellier, Flight Facilities, Holy Ghost!, The Magician, Tensnake, and many more.

Come Save Me by Jagwar Ma

Jagwar Ma has a nostalgic 60s/70s vibe combined with an electro-pop sound. According to his Facebook page, he draws influence from Aphex Twin, George Martin, Martin Hannett, and Phil Spector…although I’m not sure how much I trust his info section because he also claims he lives in Antarctica… Antarctica or not, I do know one thing for sure: Jagwar Ma is prowling onto the music scene, up the charts, and into my personal list of loved acts. Happy Monday. Binary Approves.

An Ashley Armitage Production

Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom Remix)

AW YEAH, Goldroom strikes again, bouncy and groovy as hell. Josh takes London Based Charli XCX’s dark original and adds his signature dopeness. Gentle builds, melodic and beautiful…this one will be getting a lot of airplay.  Check it out:

Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

This is one of those jams you just close your eyes and dance. Bravo my friend. Splendid remix.

We are so proud of you Josh, you are amazing. Please support this one on Hype Machine (if you are feeling it) share it around with your friends, utilize it as the soundtrack to your “getting ready to go out” dance routines…play it loud in your car when you are stuck in traffic…live to it. Thats what we do. Happy Friday.

YACHT – Second Summer

Based in Portland, Oregon, YACHT is a band formed by musician Jona Bechtolt. YACHT is a reference to Y.A.C.H.T, an alternative school in Portland that stands for “Young Americans Challenging High Technology”. In 2009 YACHT started identifying as a two-piece project when Bechtolt began working with singer and songwriter, Claire Evans.Their collaborative chemistry = dancefloor magic.

YACHT – Second Summer by DFA Records


Their most recent release is a tribute to the original Summer of Love. Sex, drugs, and revolution, anyone? This single is an acid house revival, and YACHT aims to ‘create environments of total freedom. Sounds good to me! Let’s go!



*An Ashley Armitage Production

Final DJs feat. Stee Downes – One Day in the Sun


What a journey, Basti and Thomas of Germany have taken us on. From our first post on Final DJs to now, this duo has continued to earn posts on the blog by consistently bringing jams that we are feeling. It is not favoritism it is credit where credit is due. This sweet tune feat the jamiroquai-like vocals of Stee Downes (thats a compliment) and straight forward funk, soul, dance vibe is just the latest in a glorious run. Check it out:

Final DJs feat. Stee Downes – One Day in the Sun (Extended Mix) by FINAL DJs



There is a well made, cohesive feeling to this track. As these guys have matured as producers they are finding a sound. Its a good one. Not entirely one genre the music takes you on an emotional joyride. Full of life and feeling. Beautifully done mates. Give them a heart on hype machine, like their Facebook page. Quality tunes. Happy tuesday.


Bonus track:

Final Djs/One Day In The Sun MN84 RMX by MIAMI NIGHTS 1984

Another favorite, Miami Nights 1984 take the already stellar tune and bring the dreamwave anthem of my daily commute. Such a gorgeous remix. I love this song! To gush about all the ways I am feeling this would be to extend this post way beyond the constraints of the blogs format. Just hear that we have this one on repeat mode and discover all the subtle reasons for your self. Cannot say enough good things. Personal classic. Enjoy

Phoenix – You Can’t Blame It On Anybody (Le Crayon Rework)


Le Crayon revives the old(ish) jam You Can’t Blame It On Anybody by Phoenix and saves the day for my/our upcoming week. Coming out of this holiday season has been jarring to me. The bustle of the schedule, the rushing and responsibility, I did not even realize how relaxed I had gotten until the alarm clock went off this morning. No!!! Half asleep I turned on my newest playlist of blogworthy  jams and this one set the mood.

Phoenix – You Can’t Blame It On Anybody (Le Crayon Rework) by Le Crayon


Lets just get it out there that I am a huge Phoenix fan, not just a Wolfgang era fan but the old school United era fan = O.G Phoenix fan status.Having said that (rather snobbishly) I will also confess that Alphabetical was one of the albums that did not particularly grab me. Just like any diehard fan, I was anxiously awaiting a re-do of the previous album and felt thrown off by the change of production. I am happy to share that this Re-Work has reminded me to go back and listen to that album and I have discovered a new fondness for it. Beyond that I have been renewed by the smoothed out vibe that Le Crayon added to this jam. Thanks Le Crayon. Check out his soundcloud, heart his tracks on hype machine and support the music you love. Happy Monday!

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Walter Sobcek Remix)

Fleetwood Mac Dreams remix? Another one? Walter Sobcek Remix? NICE. The atmospheric synth and bass immediately set this one apart. Where’s my 10-speed? Where’s my members only joint? Take me away W.Sobcek/Fleetwood Mizzy…SO GOOD.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Walter Sobcek Remix) by Walter Sobcek

There is a distinctly groovy and hopeful energy here, not lost love, not regret…acceptance, surrender…bliss. Over all Tune. Enjoy it. Free Download as well. Binary Approves