What a journey, Basti and Thomas of Germany have taken us on. From our first post on Final DJs to now, this duo has continued to earn posts on the blog by consistently bringing jams that we are feeling. It is not favoritism it is credit where credit is due. This sweet tune feat the jamiroquai-like vocals of Stee Downes (thats a compliment) and straight forward funk, soul, dance vibe is just the latest in a glorious run. Check it out:

Final DJs feat. Stee Downes – One Day in the Sun (Extended Mix) by FINAL DJs



There is a well made, cohesive feeling to this track. As these guys have matured as producers they are finding a sound. Its a good one. Not entirely one genre the music takes you on an emotional joyride. Full of life and feeling. Beautifully done mates. Give them a heart on hype machine, like their Facebook page. Quality tunes. Happy tuesday.


Bonus track:

Final Djs/One Day In The Sun MN84 RMX by MIAMI NIGHTS 1984

Another favorite, Miami Nights 1984 take the already stellar tune and bring the dreamwave anthem of my daily commute. Such a gorgeous remix. I love this song! To gush about all the ways I am feeling this would be to extend this post way beyond the constraints of the blogs format. Just hear that we have this one on repeat mode and discover all the subtle reasons for your self. Cannot say enough good things. Personal classic. Enjoy