Le Crayon revives the old(ish) jam You Can’t Blame It On Anybody by Phoenix and saves the day for my/our upcoming week. Coming out of this holiday season has been jarring to me. The bustle of the schedule, the rushing and responsibility, I did not even realize how relaxed I had gotten until the alarm clock went off this morning. No!!! Half asleep I turned on my newest playlist of blogworthy  jams and this one set the mood.

Phoenix – You Can’t Blame It On Anybody (Le Crayon Rework) by Le Crayon


Lets just get it out there that I am a huge Phoenix fan, not just a Wolfgang era fan but the old school United era fan = O.G Phoenix fan status.Having said that (rather snobbishly) I will also confess that Alphabetical was one of the albums that did not particularly grab me. Just like any diehard fan, I was anxiously awaiting a re-do of the previous album and felt thrown off by the change of production. I am happy to share that this Re-Work has reminded me to go back and listen to that album and I have discovered a new fondness for it. Beyond that I have been renewed by the smoothed out vibe that Le Crayon added to this jam. Thanks Le Crayon. Check out his soundcloud, heart his tracks on hype machine and support the music you love. Happy Monday!