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A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again (Bit Funk Remix)

Holy Shit. Daaaaamn. Listen to THIS!

A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again (Bit Funk Remix) by Bit Funk

This is a tune! Instant smile, Instant cranking up of volume…Instantly added to rotation. This one will set it off in basically any venue. Tribe…obv. classic…but this beat and arrangement is just that dope. Bravo Bit Funk, Bravo.I can’t even write about this right now as I am cutting up cardboard to resurrect my windmill game. This is some shit that will have you breaking out a kangol, regardless of Samuel Jacksons complete sabotage. So Fresh…………..get up on this. Binary approves.

Felix Da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin – Silver Screen (Oxford remix)

I love when I hear a song, and within the first 5 seconds, I know it’ll be my favorite jam for the next little while.

I present you with: a remix by Oxford that does exactly that.

Felix Da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin – Silver Screen (Oxford remix) by Oxfordsounds

The Oxford sound has quite the appeal. France’s Antoine Rigail began learning piano at the age of 5, and his early musical training certainly does not go unnoticed. He also self-taught himself guitar, which is observable in his consistently catchy electro-bass and guitar loops. He matches his musical touch quite nicely to the original, complementing Miss Kittin’s sexy, expressionless vocals.

Funk, bass, a sexy & talented DJ from France. What more do I need in life?

*Bon travail, Antoine.Happy Birthday


Fabian – A Million To One


Nice! Binary family member Fabian returns with a banging new original. The quality and bounce you expect on a grand scheme. A little bigger than our usually posted tunes this song shifts and breaks. Builds lead into unexpected directions while the semi robotic refrain guides you through the cosmos.Dope.


Fabian – A Million To One by iamFabian

This one is set to blow up. Trying to sit still is futile, no standing off by the bar and acting cool, this is one of those jams that just sets shit off. Welcome back Fabian you have been missed. Excellent tune. Binary Approves.


Bixel Boys – Love Like This

Local L.A Legends Bixel Boys expand their empire with their debut Ep. Both songs are rad. Check it out:

Love Like This EP by BIXEL BOYS


This collective has been bringing some of the sickest acts to our home with their notorious rooftop pool parties and recently through their Private Label events. Although they are very well known here in the city of angels they have yet to gain the international acclaim they deserve. Hope this helps some of you find them and get familiar. expect Big Things. Bixel Boys 2013….ya heard?!

Chordashian – Cold Nights

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good Lana Del Rey touch – whether she’s a contributor musically, or a part of your digital life in general. Even though there are countless remixes of every single damn song of hers, I still can’t get enough.


Chordashian, aka Brooklyn’s Felix Feygin and Michael Banks bestow us with warmth this winter by releasing their newest single, “Cold Nights”, which happens to sample Lana’s “Summertime Sadness”. Although it’s not very chilly in Binary’s home base of LA, we’re f***ing freezing up north. “Cold Nights” is the perfect tune to get that blood flowin’ again.

Chordashian – Cold Nights by Chordashian

This electro-disco house tune is all things catchy. And a great one to have on repeat as you pump yourself up for the weekend.

Download it for free HERE.


Jonathan Wilson – Ballad of the Pines (Keenhouse Remix)


I didn’t think it would be possible to make Jonathan Wilson’s “Ballad of the Pines” any more beautiful than it is, but apparently I was wrong. Keenhouse delivers a heavenly remix, which I think you will all fall in love with.

Jonathan Wilson – Ballad of the Pines (Keenhouse Remix) by Keenhouse

This remix is timeless, gorgeous, simple. Keenhouse has strayed away from his heavier electro-house sound by gently adding chime and dreamy synths to create a masterpiece.

It’s a beautiful and uplifting tune to relax to during the winter blues, but I can guarantee the obsession will carry on over to the summer roadie playlists. In my opinion, had it been released in 2000, it would have definitely headlined The Beach’s infamous soundtrack.

Listen, relax, smile, & enjoy. And support Keenhouse, of course


Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U

This right here is my Jam. Ever since Patrick hit me off with the promo I have been killing this one. Literally on-repeat, like first song on the playlist status. When I first heard it I had to ask him if it was an original or some type of cover/remake. The sound is so authentic and tight, like an El DeBarge hit off the Short Circuit OST, totally 80s and perfectly produced. This is a talented dude. check it out:

Get 2 Know U (Original Mix) by Patrick Baker


Watch for Patrick Baker to blow up in the next few months, with projects in the works including some very established and awesome artists its a sure thing. The EP is available today exclusively on Beatport. Be a dear and pick it up. You will be ahead of the curve when everybody else is just catching on. Patrick Baker / Get 2 Know U = Tune. Binary approves.

Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – I Might Be Gone


Disco funk producer Avery Henderson is Falcon Punch. I became a fan the moment I heard his song Where You’ll Stay. Sampling Delegation’s Darlin’ (I Think About You), Falcon Punch had forged a smooth, mostly instrumental track perfect for a disco lounge feel.

Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – I Might Be Gone by Falcon Punch

Falcon Punch and fellow comrade, Wyatt Potts, or Roller Radio, have paired up to create the perfect musical collaboration I Might Be Gone. I was talking to Avery, and apparently the making of this song was kind of an unusual one. They did it over Skype. Partially. It wasn’t completely done over webcam chatting, but they would “put parts together and then discuss and write some of the melodies over Skype.” This song is the first of a series of tracks that will be released this Spring to form an EP. I just can’t wait.

I’m so glad there is new music being produced that inspires me to break out my sequin leotard and rollerskates. Check them out.