Disco funk producer Avery Henderson is Falcon Punch. I became a fan the moment I heard his song Where You’ll Stay. Sampling Delegation’s Darlin’ (I Think About You), Falcon Punch had forged a smooth, mostly instrumental track perfect for a disco lounge feel.

Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – I Might Be Gone by Falcon Punch

Falcon Punch and fellow comrade, Wyatt Potts, or Roller Radio, have paired up to create the perfect musical collaboration I Might Be Gone. I was talking to Avery, and apparently the making of this song was kind of an unusual one. They did it over Skype. Partially. It wasn’t completely done over webcam chatting, but they would “put parts together and then discuss and write some of the melodies over Skype.” This song is the first of a series of tracks that will be released this Spring to form an EP. I just can’t wait.

I’m so glad there is new music being produced that inspires me to break out my sequin leotard and rollerskates. Check them out.