I didn’t think it would be possible to make Jonathan Wilson’s “Ballad of the Pines” any more beautiful than it is, but apparently I was wrong. Keenhouse delivers a heavenly remix, which I think you will all fall in love with.

Jonathan Wilson – Ballad of the Pines (Keenhouse Remix) by Keenhouse

This remix is timeless, gorgeous, simple. Keenhouse has strayed away from his heavier electro-house sound by gently adding chime and dreamy synths to create a masterpiece.

It’s a beautiful and uplifting tune to relax to during the winter blues, but I can guarantee the obsession will carry on over to the summer roadie playlists. In my opinion, had it been released in 2000, it would have definitely headlined The Beach’s infamous soundtrack.

Listen, relax, smile, & enjoy. And support Keenhouse, of course