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Final DJs feat. Gin Joints – City Nights (Original Mix)

Final DJs and Gin Joints. City nights EP. Out Now! Great release, this showed up in my inbox and really grabbed me. At this point I have come to accept that I am going to be feeling the sounds that Final DJs come up with, having said that there are some that I am more partial to. This Ep represents some of their best work so far. Each remix adds a slightly different but worthy in its own right version. The original is tight. Final DJs // Gin Joints. Get up on it. Happy Wednesday.

Final DJs feat. Gin Joints – City Nights (Original Mix)

Embryonik – Gliding (demo preview)

Embryonik creates multi textured synth goodness. The depth of the tracks and the emotion within them is both unusual and fresh. Check it out :

Embryonik – Gliding

This jam is on some drug induced, post apocalyptic, cruising through the war ravaged streets type illness. Fire everywhere, leather pants and crossbows type shit. Somehow though, a hope begins to build, the memory of beauty. The dream of somehow revisiting love. Deep right? yeah…def. feeling this one. Check out his Night Flight EP and get familiar. Dreamy, emotional, thoughtful and blue. Gliding indeed. Binary approves.

La Nuit // Kamp! // Ride The Universe // Ticket Giveaway!!

Polish Pop-Electro trio, KAMP! return to Los Angeles and San Diego for one off shows after a week in Austin for SxSW. Party throwers La Nuit, will host a special event this Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles. The space is limited and will make for an intimate party not to be missed. Be sure to pick up your presale tickets to ensure entry.

Kamp – Cairo

If paying’s not your game, we’re give away a pair of tickets. Just message us at with your full name and why you feel you should win the tickets. Best/most creative answer wins! Don’t miss this show. Guaranteed fresh. Binary – La Nuit – Kamp! – Ride The Universe – 2013

Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)

Arcade High – Crush (Feat. Maddie Ardillo)

Arcade High, or Ryan Boosel, is an 80s synth producer signed on Aphasia Records. He started making music in 2011 when, as a film student, he was given the assignment to make an 80s slasher film. In an interview, he told me ” I took on the role of producer and wanted the soundtrack to be synthwave. I had recently discovered the genre and spent quite some time exploring artists in the scene. During this process, I felt a sudden urge to write my own song for the film.” Electronic music was new to him, and yet he produced a brilliantly Electric Youth-sounding song, “Crush”.

His music is inspired not only by Electric Youth, but also by artists including College, Tycho, Air France, and Mitch Murder. He draws a lot from video game culture and 80s films, “Video games and video game culture is obviously a big inspiration to me. I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of the last arcade boom in the early 90s and have fond memories of playing old video games with my father, who got me into them… Another huge inspiration is 80s cinema. I’m in love with the colors, textures, sights, and sounds of any film from that era. Specifically the themes of surreality and dreams are fascinating to me. I guess you could call me a romantic and that probably shows up in my songs.”

Listen to his music, and you will be nostalgic of “images of lettermen jackets, arcade lights, fast cars, and warm summer nights.” So let’s go take a trip back in time and get stuck with Arcade High in the 80s.Cruise by his soundcloud and check him out. It is loaded with excellent tunes. Also be on the look out for an upcoming album in the next few months.This is an artist to watch for. Binary Approves

*An Ashley Armitage Production

Bondax – Gold (Moon Boots Remix)

You may have noticed a song by the name of “Gold” by the artist Bondax blow up in the beloved blogosphere lately. Bondax is a collaboration of two emerging British teens: George Townsend and Adam Kaye.

The original version of this song is a low key, hip hop-house tune featuring quite the sultry vocals, might I add. And as a nice touch, I’m fairly certain I could hear the sound of birds chirping amidst the lovely piano denouement.

Today, we feature a smashing remix of this hit. Moon Boots jazzes up the song with a more upbeat, deep house infusion, as is characteristic of our disco relatives at French Express. They never cease to disappoint with their productions.

Bondax – Gold (Moon Boots Remix) by Bondax

What can I say? I’ve posted this one across my realm of personal social media accounts once. Then almost twice in the same week. Because it’s just that fresh, ladies and gentlemen.

Keep a look out for Bondax’s March 2013 North American tour. That is all.


Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me (feat. Mereki)

Goldroom. Now performing as a live band as well as a dj this golden sound is getting bigger and bigger. Josh seems tireless in spreading the vibes and his growth and dedication have really paid off. Only you Can Show Me has Goldroom in full-on dancefloor destroyer mode and the pop appeal is delicious. Check it out.

Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me (feat. Mereki) by Goldroom

Funky, kinetic and full of life, Sir Goldroom knows how to get us moving. The gorgeous vocals of Mereki Beach bring a sexy longing to the track, that vulnerable dependence and expectation of intimacy. At 2:33, when the percussion kicks back in and the bass returns…………………….its all over. Brilliant tune Josh. Binary Approves.

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