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Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – Never Enough

We’ve been waiting for this release since we last blogged about Falcon Punch and Roller Radio’s I Might Be Gone. Finally, here it is.

Falcon Punch & Roller Radio – Never Enough

Never Enough is a golden, sunny, washed out, smooth, disco vibe: a 1970s summer. Listen to this song while laying  poolside. Summer’s coming, the water’s warm, so take a dip and dive into this tune.

Free Download as well?!!….Happy Monday my little pretties….Binary Approves

The Knocks – Modern Hearts (Goldroom Remix)

The Knocks, Goldroom, St Lucia… always Josh delivers a stellar remix. Considering the quality of the company he is keeping these projects have more and more of a collaborative type vibe. One of the many things that is awesome about how much Goldroom has blown up is watching people that he used to be blogging about for free on the blog working with him and seeking him out. Pretty inspiring. Beyond that the magic is obviously in the music, this one has an emotional edge, a little more subdued a little darker, still infectious and superbly done. Check it out.

The Knocks – Modern Hearts (Goldroom Remix)

This one has kind of  a City Girls sentiment and vibe to me which is a high compliment as that is one of my all time favorites by Sir Goldroom, Irregardless, by 3:40, when the electric guitars come up front and the synth gets all sexy Sadeish this one stands alone. A cigarette boat bounces across the surf, the sun sets while the wind whips through our heroes hair, his eyes are far away, he is remembering love.Give this one some love. Free Download you say?? Binary Approves

Satin Jackets feat. Patrick Baker – Only You (Original Mix)

This post features the talented Tim Bernhardt, or Satin Jackets: the guy who stole my heart (and probably yours) as I still continue to blare “You Make Me Feel Good” over and over and over. Alongside Tim you will find another Binary favorite, the irrepressible Patrick Baker.Get ready to fall in love.

Satin Jackets feat. Patrick Baker – Only You (Original Mix)

We have a nu-disco masterpiece here: rollin’ bass, captivating vocals by the always incredible Patrick Baker, catchy chords. All in all, sheer smoothness (what else would we expect from Satin Jackets?) I am nothing but impressed with this one. Instant classic.

Europe for the win. Can hardly wait to hear more.

Classixx – Holding on (Jerome LOL Remix)

If anyone’s instagram account can make me “lol” – it’d have to be Jerome LOL’s (he also goes by Jeremy Potter for the more prim folk).More importantly, he deserves an award for emanating smiles through music.

Here’s a remix of Classixx’s “Holding On” – with a bit of a 90’s twist, as per the low frequencies, and with a hell of a lotta drum clap. He slows this one down slightly, but don’t fret – it’s still bright and shiny for the imminent summertime weather. It’s retro, dreamy and incredibly infectious.

Classixx – Holding On (Jerome LOL Remix)

Feel it.