Monthly Archives: May 2013

NeonFlashDrive – Caught her name at Recess

This one showed up and just hit me the right way, driving across the desert I turned it up and smiled…memories of good times, a hopeful reflective vibe…just well done synth goodness. Straight out of the UK, authentic and heartfelt. Enjoy. A free download as well?! Awesome

Caught her name at Recess 

Is it the spiderman sample? The spot on 80s groove?? Whatever it is, I am feeling it. NeonFlashDrive. Check him out.



Owl Eyes – Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix)

MF Goldroom, this dude just keeps on surprising me. Considering I know him personally you would think that would not be possible but it is his ability to bring the authenticity and charisma of his spirit to his music that really sets him apart. With each remix and original track Goldroom shows a different aspect of his style, staying signature-Goldroom but incorporating different facets. If that seems overly intellectualized——–he consistently makes music that makes you want to dance. With no further ado….Here is his latest, a remix of Melbourne sensation  Owl Eyes.

Owl Eyes – Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix)

L’Etranger – Now or Never EP

Ben Thomas of L’Étranger has had quite an exciting year: he recorded an album with Spectrals as lead guitarist, he founded his own record label, Thomorrow, and on top of all of that he released his first EP of the label. His EP, Don’t Ever Change [TMRW01], consists of the songs Now Or Never, Got To Know, Please, and Ask.

L’Etranger – Now or Never EP 

His French moniker, L’Étranger, translates to ‘The Stranger’, but he’s certainly no stranger to the French House music scene. With tropical riffs and groovy beats, these tracks are sun-soaked, washed out, and danceably deep. Dive in!


Figure of 8 – Blue Velvet

My friend Dermot McGowan aka Figure of 8 has a flair for well crafted, emotionally driven tracks. With this take on Lana’s take on the classic Blue Velvet he has outdone himself. Musical shifts, thoughtful arrangement, this one takes us on a hypnotic, sexual joyride. With so much fluff to sort through, this song brings some refreshing substance and a passion that is palpable. Thank you good sir. Well done indeed.

Figure of 8 – Blue Velvet