It was early summer 2013 when The Magician caused a huge stir with one of his first breakthrough originals “On My Brain”. It is hard to believe that just under a year ago, the deep house / nu-disco scene was still emerging from the shadows and had not really received the recognition and appreciation it deserved. However, thanks to influential visionaries such as The Magician, we are now seeing a generation of mindless “party-goers” being rapidly replaced by a culture of passionate music listeners who truly enjoy the transformative power of amazing tunes. In typical Magician style, this highly anticipated remix of My Friend Has a Swimming Pool was teased out in Magic Tape 43 before The Magician finally granted us the privilege of hearing it in full. So do yourself a favor this summer 2014 and chase DJs not parties. But most importantly, make sure your friend has a swimming pool!

Mausi – My Friend Has A Swimming Pool (The Magician Remix)