While some refer to French Express as a record label, I like to think of them as  a collective who are united for the singular purpose of preserving a culture of music lovers that can truly appreciate uplifting tunes. It is especially Moon Boots (1/4 French Express) who always inspires us to think more positively about ourselves. His latest release “Whatever You Need,” reminds us how important it is to always be there for others as much as they are for us (if not more), be they romantic lovers, family, friends, mentors or our local community. On a more personal note, I will never forget Day #1 Coachella 2014, feeling extremely out of my element in a large California desert. Then out of nowhere, the distant echo of Moon Boot’s “Off My Mind” had me sprinting to the Do LaB stage, just to find Moon Boots spinning right alongside Perseus. This was exactly the heartwarming surprise we needed to feel right at home.

Moon Boots – Whatever You Need