At long last…Goldroom on Binary. “Mastermind” Producer Josh Legg AKA GOLDROOM and Binary have released  a dreamy fantastic original. Featuring breathy emotional vocals courtesy of Mammals and a longing, smoothed-out vibe, Goldroom continues to diversify his sound. Goldroom approached this release with his original “#thepremix” concept, basically releasing the vocal stems prior to releasing the song and enabling producers to create interpretations with the vocals minus the influence of the original track. The originality of the idea has had us sifting through so much incredible content from producers from all around the world (thank you!), it is the original itself however that delivers that nostalgic magic we associate with GOLDROOM. Support the music that you love and spread the word after all, as the man himself pointed out, “It’s the only way to help this music grow and flourish!”

Goldroom – Till Sunrise