As August gradually transitions into September, you may notice that with a change of season comes a change of mood. People seem less adventurous, more skeptical and likely to withdraw sooner. However, Canadian Producer Pat Lok’s remix of Sirma’s “Trigger” is the perfect reminder that despite the days becoming shorter, darker and colder, there is still “so much to feel, so much to live for.” The middle-eastern vocal sample intertwined with harmonious synthesizers feel soothing, as we begin to tranquilize our overexerted summer hearts. The textured, elongated vocal samples are therapeutic, telling us that maybe it is time to channel our energy more constructively and take our passion by the reigns. This tune reminds us that for the past few months, it has been too easy to be in ten places at once. The real challenge now is devoting yourself, just one moment at a time.

Trigger (Pat Lok Remix) – Sirma