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ODESZA – Say My Name (RAC Mix)

RAC AKA André Allen Anjos. At this point the name alone inspires excitement. Like everything this guy touches is Gold.This Remix is no exception, Zyra sings about love and life while RAC creates a guitar laced groove full of bounce and energy. The vocals are given enough room to keep the song poingant with the track propelling them on. A remix that supports the original other than an instrumental that utilizes a few snippets and calls it done. Bravo. Love over lust in this one. Get after it.

ODESZA – Say My Name (RAC Mix)

TDC VA Vol.3
Diogenes Club Mix tape Vol.3 Binary Exclusive

Paul from Diogenes Club reached out with this exclusive mix. It is rad. Those of you who are not familiar with them, get familiar. Their originals are expertly crafted soundscapes with their own unique feel. Groovy and emotional and fresh. Not surprising then that their mix would be filled with top notch selections and style. I dare you to not love this. Check it below or grab the exclusive download and inject some finesse into your life. Its a free gift. Enjoy it while you can.

Diogenes Club Presents Various Artists Vol.3 – Binary

Flume – Insane ft. Moon Holiday (Sebastian Carter Edition)

Sebastian Carter’s interpretation of Flume’s Insane is an inspirational piece that gently pushes us to take those chances we’ve been missing. We often protect ourselves with fear, convinced that one day the timing will be better or our circumstances will be more conducive. But the truth is the longer we wait, the more we risk settling for unfulfilled dreams and wasted potential. Carter’s uplifting chord progressions symbolize gradual movements towards a more fulfilling future. Perhaps you will make mistakes and at times feel overwhelmed. But there is no better feeling than losing yourself in passions and truly going insane.

Flume – Insane ft. Moon Holiday (Sebastian Carter Edition)

On Repeat – She Said Disco Edition : Vol.3

Binary friend and blog contributor She Said Disco shares some tunes that he has been feeling.Direct from Sunny France. Get involved.

Florian Bery – The Wave

Au Revoir Summer, here is a nice tribute to you. I’m not sure if it’s because of this bouncy bass or because of those Aaliyah vocals but this one is 100% danceable. You should keep an eye on the label behind this one, Miraje, I bet they have tons of sunny secret weapons like this to unleash.

Sloslylove – You and I

You want a good OST for your holidays? Mr Sloslylove just dropped his latest album: The Haunted. Check this out, honestly it’s a real gem, a peacefull journey through nostalgia, like if you were the hero of a 80’s road movie, not a super-hero, a real-life hero.

Sellorekt – Fearless Generation

I am sad I discovered Sellorekt quite late, I feel like if I have missed something. This track was the first I heard from him, and I was mind-blown. If you are fond of synthstuffs like me, you should check his latest LP: A Perfect World. Definitely better than a time machine!

Les Loups – Colourblind

This new track from Les Loups with great singer Cybil is very good, again a perfect song to enjoy the sun and dance with girls on the beach. I like the production style and craftsmanship, less sample-based, more instrumental, but still disco and effective. I’m curious to see what they are preparing to us in the future.

Mitch Murder – Saturdays

All time favorite Mitch Murder released his debut album Interceptor. It’s not really summer-ish, it’s more cheesy and nostalgic! In the best way. Makes me wanna play some shitty TV shows, or go to the gym and eat steroids, or dance with rollerblades under the sun, or play freesbee with some cool dudes, giving many high-fives as the sun sets in an exaggerated California sunset.