Blondie – Rapture (Luxxury Edit)

Luxxury does it again with a spot-on edit of the Blondie classic. There’s really nothing to not love about this re-imagination of the 80s hit. Probably my favorite so far out of the ongoing series… but I mean shit, they’ve all been pretty great. The build up and then drop-in at 1:34, putting the bass front and center is just sooooo smoooooth – easily one of my favorite song moments in the last month or so. Plus, the re-arrangement on that classic Debbie Harry vocal is a thing of beauty. Good thing about being a little behind on posting this, is that there’s likely another sensational edit coming soon! In the meantime, kick back and hit repeat.

Blondie – Rapture (Luxxury Edit)


The Baron takes the Eagles on a robotic acid trip and the results are superb. Pass the purple stuff and disappear only to reappear in an alternate dimension before slip sliding through the 11th portal of your minds eye…or…throw this on as you slide through the evening streets, a smile spreading across your face, a feeling of well being passing through your body and a surge of optimism in your spirit. Either of those is acceptable, anything less is death.  Free Download?! Too kind.

Eagles – Hotel California (LUXXURY Edit)


When Blake rolled out this project I was down and recognized the musicians ear and quality but wasn’t particularly excited, then the Urgent edit and now this. You may have heard this one in Goldrooms latest mix or blasting out of the window of a car that you wish you were riding in. Maybe you heard it in a dream under a cherry moon. Possibly you took mescaline in Zion and somehow channeled this particular refrain into the deepest depths of your expanded consciousness. Anything is possible. Regradless of the introduction, the reaction is gratitude and appreciation. Blake pumps the bass (in a good way), brings the clarity of the original vocal right up front and breaths a fresh life into a mournful and beautiful tune. Bravo Baron. Well Done. Free download?? TOO COOL. get it while you can. TUNE!

Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence (LUXXURY Edit)


Blake aka the notorious and glamorous  Baron Von Luxxury  has a new project. This series of Luxxury edits begins with the release of the first track in an ongoing series. In this 6 month long project, he will be editing classic songs and soaking them with his laidback disco flair.

Madonna – Vogue (LUXXURY Edit)

Smooth, slow, and sexy, Luxxury’s rework of Madonna’s Vogue truly is luxurious. So let your body go with the flow. Listen, download, and stay tuned for more!