Pink Feathers – The Feeling’s Gone (Eau Claire Remix)

Canadian-born but D.C. based nu-disco queen Eau Claire brings us a fresh new remix of Pink Feathers’ The Feeling’s Gone. Known for her consistent feel good vibes and signature piano synthesizers, this new remix effectively pushes us to release ourselves quicker from someone or a situation that is demanding more than we can or should offer. While it is a New Year and there is a contagious need to continuously move forward, it doesn’t hurt to pause, reflect and tie up some loose ends from the past first.  Eau Claire made waves in 2014 with chart toppers such as her remix of MIA’s Paper Planes and Mike Posner’s Cooler Than Me and it is clear from this addictive new remix that 2015 will be another life-changing year for this inspiring young artist.

Pink Feathers – The Feeling’s Gone (Eau Claire Remix) 

Solidisco – Ready Look Choose EP

Solidisco’s new EP Ready, Look, Choose features a collection of irresistibly funky and colorful beats that prove once again why this duo is indeed leading the modern-day disco revival. While this new EP has been consistently sneak previewed throughout their most recent DJ sets, we could not be happier that it is now officially released and available for free download. In true Solidisco form, the theme Ready, Look, Choose inspires us to look ahead and take control over the direction we want our lives to go in. So get Ready for a change, Look at the opportunities you have been given and Choose the dream you want the most.

Solidisco – Ready
Solidisco – Look
Solidisco – Choose

Jukely launches NYC Unlimited Concerts membership

Over the past year, innovative technologies (such as Bands In Town, Songkick and Spotify) have enabled us to more easily discover when our favorite artists will be in town. However, it is sometimes a challenge (particularly with less well-known acts) to find people who will actually go with you. Jukely, a recently launched mobile app, solves this problem by analyzing your music taste data to match you with friends and friends of friends most likely interested in the same shows. The app further makes it easy for you to ping that group and start planning the event. Today in NYC, Jukely is also launching an invite-only Unlimited Concerts membership, enabling you to attend an unlimited number of concerts for just $25/month, based on participating promoters, venues (currently 13 in total) and ticket availability. Request an invite here and once accepted you will receive regular notifications on upcoming shows, with the added advantage of finding likeminded people to actually share these experiences with.

Flume – Insane ft. Moon Holiday (Sebastian Carter Edition)

Sebastian Carter’s interpretation of Flume’s Insane is an inspirational piece that gently pushes us to take those chances we’ve been missing. We often protect ourselves with fear, convinced that one day the timing will be better or our circumstances will be more conducive. But the truth is the longer we wait, the more we risk settling for unfulfilled dreams and wasted potential. Carter’s uplifting chord progressions symbolize gradual movements towards a more fulfilling future. Perhaps you will make mistakes and at times feel overwhelmed. But there is no better feeling than losing yourself in passions and truly going insane.

Flume – Insane ft. Moon Holiday (Sebastian Carter Edition)

Sirma – Trigger (Pat Lok Remix)

As August gradually transitions into September, you may notice that with a change of season comes a change of mood. People seem less adventurous, more skeptical and likely to withdraw sooner. However, Canadian Producer Pat Lok’s remix of Sirma’s “Trigger” is the perfect reminder that despite the days becoming shorter, darker and colder, there is still “so much to feel, so much to live for.” The middle-eastern vocal sample intertwined with harmonious synthesizers feel soothing, as we begin to tranquilize our overexerted summer hearts. The textured, elongated vocal samples are therapeutic, telling us that maybe it is time to channel our energy more constructively and take our passion by the reigns. This tune reminds us that for the past few months, it has been too easy to be in ten places at once. The real challenge now is devoting yourself, just one moment at a time.

Trigger (Pat Lok Remix) – Sirma

RÜFÜS – Sundream (TÂCHES Remix)

The ever endearing TÂCHES never ceases to amaze us with his ability to truly capture a tune’s sentiment and use a variety of remix and sampling techniques to intensify the emotion. His latest remix of RÜFÜS’ Sundream uses darker melodies and high-pitched bass tones to stir a true passion in our hearts and let us down easy for feeling things we may not always understand. He consistently rearranges pieces of the original vocals to create new progressions, reminding us that there is no structure or rational logic when it comes to natural desires. With this remix, TÂCHES gives us the opportunity to shamelessly relive the glory days of this tune, with the added advantage of experiencing it through a completely new look and feel.

RÜFÜS – Sundream (TÂCHES Remix) 


Sunny San Diego based DJ and producer Colour Vision recently released the perfect remix to get you over your summer slump. You know, that midsummer time when parties get repetitive, your frequent spots feel stale and you even begin to walk in the shade for some well-deserved relief from the sun. However, Colour Vision’s remix of La Roux’s Tropical Chancer is refreshing, invigorating and gives us just the push we need to remind ourselves that there is still so much more to experience and explore this summer. Nevermind the failed summer romances or temptations to turn in a little earlier. There may be a time to slow it down but you’d best believe it isn’t now.


Goldroom Live on East Coast w/ Brett, Man & Woman, Teeel

It is a very special week for us on the East Coast! Binary Records cofounder, Goldroom (Josh Legg), will be performing live in NYC, D.C. and Boston. A truly inspiring icon in the tropical disco scene, the sounds of Goldroom’s oceanic synthesizers and heartwarming vocals are exactly what the East Coast needs to slow down the pace and live in the best moments a little longer. Some opening acts to also look out for include gorgeous remixes from rapidly emerging nu-disco duo Man & Woman, the beautifully relaxing sounds of indie dance band Brett and the powerful synths of hypnotic electropop producer Teeel. Needless to say, this week we will be winding down to a dreamwave of chill-tempos.

Goldroom – Verano Mix 2014
Keljet ft. Avan Lava – Together (Man & Woman Remix)
Brett – Chalon
Sun Glitters – Closer To The Sun (TEEEL Remix)

MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Zimmer Remix)

From the body-warming tropical sounds of “Galapagos” to a colourful disco remix of classic #French pop favorite “Ella,” there is no doubt that Zimmer’s musical identity truly is diverse as much as it is pure. With a multi-cultural background that fluctuates between the nonchalant California coast and the sophistication of Paris, Zimmer’s music is always an easy listening pleasure infused with a myriad of elegant strings and glossy cymbals. His most recent remix for MØ’s “Don’t Wanna Dance” adds movement and pace to a tune that was originally more slow and steady. While sometimes it is nice to just “wander around in the city [we] know,” it’s summer and there is no moment like the present to pick up speed, spend “time to go digging through town” and meet the ones who are craving to meet you too.

MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Zimmer Remix)

Moon Boots – Whatever You Need

While some refer to French Express as a record label, I like to think of them as  a collective who are united for the singular purpose of preserving a culture of music lovers that can truly appreciate uplifting tunes. It is especially Moon Boots (1/4 French Express) who always inspires us to think more positively about ourselves. His latest release “Whatever You Need,” reminds us how important it is to always be there for others as much as they are for us (if not more), be they romantic lovers, family, friends, mentors or our local community. On a more personal note, I will never forget Day #1 Coachella 2014, feeling extremely out of my element in a large California desert. Then out of nowhere, the distant echo of Moon Boot’s “Off My Mind” had me sprinting to the Do LaB stage, just to find Moon Boots spinning right alongside Perseus. This was exactly the heartwarming surprise we needed to feel right at home.

Moon Boots – Whatever You Need