Carpenter Brut – Anarchy Road

Carpenter Brut. French Synth Masters. No one does dark synthwave better. Always epic. The 3rd EP is set to be released Jan. 19 and some of us were fortunate to get an advance listen. Let me say, it is amazing. This first taste is a change of pace in that it includes vocals, like all of their tunes the production is on point and the musicality is stand out rocking. Getting further into the EP I was happy to hear them remaining true to their instrumental sound and feel like this is their most fully realized and mature production to date.Die hard fans will appreciate the familiar textures of the tracks and any complaining about this song as a “change of style” will be squashed as soon as they hear the new tunes.The first track “Division Ruine” was actually my personal favorite with its bigger than life Mad Max vibes and stellar arrangement. Discover them on their soundcloud if you have not already and grab the EP when it is released. You are welcome. Happy Monday.

Carpenter Brut – Anarchy Road