MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Goldroom Remix)

Another fantastic remix out today from Binary godfather Goldroom. It has all the right ingredients that we’ve come to expect out of a great Goldroom remix – bouncy, dreamy and as always, an unmistakable tropical feel. This re-imagination takes MØ’s original vocal, which is wonderful on it’s own, and twists it into a dance floor beauty built for summertime DJ sets. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing this a lot at pool parties and beach festivals everywhere in the next couple of months. Or you can just listen here and pretend you’re on vacation, sipping a mojito on a beach of lush white sand.

MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Goldroom Remix)

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CHEZDUNE – Right Down The Line (Gerry Rafferty Cover)

Exclusive! (Insert the sound of one those abrasive air horns you always hear on dancehall reggae mix tapes) Brooklyn’s own Chezdune has crafted one hell of a tune. A cover of an old school ballad, this version adds new life to a melancholy song while maintaining the appropriate balance of lead rock guitar and nostalgic synth which, is more difficult than one might imagine. From the shifting programing to the quality of the vocals to the sheer beauty of the way this all works so well…just a tight jam. Give him a heart on Hype Machine and check out his other songs on soundcloud. A pleasent new discovery. Press play and slip away into a futuristic world of urgent desire and heartfelt declarations. Happy Friday.

CHEZDUNE – Right down The Line (Gerry Rafferty Cover)

Robert Lux x Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Pat Lok Remix)

Rave Life. A departure from our usual selections, it’s good to change it up sometimes, right? This is a classic feeling tune with a groove that is impossible to stand still to. Whether this evokes memories of glow sticks and big pants or just blends into the house you are only just now discovering, it certainly captures a vibe. Part guilty pleasure/nostalgia, part unabashed rave anthem, part get loose and have a great time, are those all the same thing? Throw this on while you are getting ready for a night of tomorrows cherished memories. The song unfolds more like a dj caught in an inspired moment than a radio ready bubble gum electro song and … we appreciate that. Pat Lok pays homage to the roots and turns out a fresh tune. Check it out. Binary Approves.

Robert Lux x Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Pat Lok Remix)

Colleagues – Tears

Sweden’s (relatively) new five-piece band Colleagues recently posted this sweet little piece of pop goodness on their soundcloud, and it’s hard not to listen over and over. Go ahead and let yourself bask those layers of colorful synths and silky smooth vocals. Perfect tune to put some extra spring in your step. I have a good feeling about what these Swedish Colleagues have in store for us. ‘Tears’ isn’t for sale until April 14th, but in the meantime you can stream your heart out below.

Colleagues – Tears 

Jensen Sportag – One Lane Lovers

This new track from Jensen Sportag is great – funky and dreamy, playful and badass at the same time.  It’s been almost two years since they released the ‘Pure Wet EP’,  and ‘One Lane Lovers’ may be better than anything the Nashville duo has put forth yet. This song comes out April 8th on Cascine, and it’s definitely one worth picking up. Have a listen and let yourself be taken back to time when neon and aerobics dominated over washed out colors and yoga.

Jensen Sportag – One Lane Lovers

On Repeat : She Said Disco edition

Once again She Said Disco has selected some personal favorites, imported directly from his crates to our blog. Some you may know and hopefully some will be cherished discoveries…with no further delay. On Repeat: She Said Disco Edition //

 Paradis – Parfait tirage

Paradis, always a fav to me. I don’t know why they seems to be the only band who mix melodramatic french singing and techno. The two genres actually blend well. Go for a long walk in Paris streets for one night, you will understand why this sound is so effective.

Tinashe – Vulnerable (Gold fields remix)

Gold Fields know how to wrap a track into something sweet, they give this delicate touch to all of their remixes, it flows like water, I could listen to this forever.

FM Attack – Corazon

For everyone who loves Italo-disco and Synthpop and who didn’t know about this band (like me), well it is for you. Their LP “Deja  Vu” is a gem, a journey into a digital world made of shitty 3D and love.

VentureX- Never 2 young

Check out the first release from Stratford Court: Amicus Curiae, a compilation of 31 tracks from fresh disco cuts to slow boogie jams featuring secret disco lords such as Hemingway, Sloslylove, Flamingosis, etc… Hit the auto-repeat button, put your headphones, and go to the beach, now!

Toni Toni Lee – Girl I used to know (Shazam remix)

I think I play this song almost every time I dj, it’s sweet, dark and nostalgic. A perfect secret weapon and a perfect night anthem to make people dance under the rain (in slow motion).

Roosevelt – Small Hours

Hailing from Cologne, Roosevelt has taken John Martyn’s ‘Small Hours’ and turned it into four minutes of ambient bliss.  Similar to the 1977 original, this is one of those songs that just takes you away to another place, a world away from the stresses of everyday life. I picture myself floating on a warm lake somewhere in middle America when I listen to this — no traffic, sirens, loud construction, helicopters… no distractions whatsoever. Beautiful song that really just washes over you. Keep an eye on Roosevelt, and take a listen to his ‘Elliot EP’ if you haven’t yet.

Roosevelt – Small Hours

Blondie – Rapture (Luxxury Edit)

Luxxury does it again with a spot-on edit of the Blondie classic. There’s really nothing to not love about this re-imagination of the 80s hit. Probably my favorite so far out of the ongoing series… but I mean shit, they’ve all been pretty great. The build up and then drop-in at 1:34, putting the bass front and center is just sooooo smoooooth – easily one of my favorite song moments in the last month or so. Plus, the re-arrangement on that classic Debbie Harry vocal is a thing of beauty. Good thing about being a little behind on posting this, is that there’s likely another sensational edit coming soon! In the meantime, kick back and hit repeat.

Blondie – Rapture (Luxxury Edit)