Short Circuit – Late Night Drive

Since we signed Andrew Verner in late 2008, we’ve been eagerly anticipating finishing up and releasing his first album with us. At long last we released Short Circuit, Late Night Drive on May 23rd.  An animated mix of hard-hitting dance numbers and slower, dreamy synth melodies, the Late Night Drive E.P. works on so many levels.  It’s a hybrid of some unique songwriting, advanced production, and a vision for a ‘complete work of art’.  It’s as if each song incorporates a totally different style and focus than the one before it, and yet pulls together to form something more than the sum of its parts. In the end, it all blends together for one awesome release; “Late Night Drive” explores every nook of his robo-pop self, and in the end comes out on top as an all around extraordinary E.P. We are very proud.

It’s How We Speak, It’s How We Talk

How We Speak by shortcircuitLA

“How We Speak” is the third track on the E.P., and its disco charm and catchy hook makes it stand out from the rest.  The light percussion, paired with flowing synthesizer melodies and Verner’s lyrics produce an homage to old school disco in a modern, electronic form.  The repetition of catchy lyrics and the bass line in contrast with the synthesizer makes this track one that is destined to be a hit on the dancefloor.

Late Night Drive by shortcircuitLA

Not only is “Late Night Drive” the namesake of Verner’s EP, it is the final track, and its slow groove and flowing synth beat ties the previous five songs together.  A heartfelt tune, it makes for the perfect ending to an already stunning E.P.  Verner has created an impeccable synth beat that is hard to ignore and sure to keep playing back in your head.

But that’s not all!  On top of the original six amazing tunes on Late Night Drive, we have two fantastic remixes provided by Sam Padrul out of Chicago as well as Binary’s own Fabian.  Padrul slowed it down, and gave the song a wavy sound, the likes of Daft Punk. Padrul is a great up and coming DJ and he is definitely worth checking out, you can find his remix of “How We Speak” here.  Fabian took the track in another direction and showed us that it is fully capable of blowing away full audiences on the dancefloor, in this hard hitting rendition:

Short Circuit – How We Speak (Fabian Remix) by Binary Entertainment

Late Night Drive is available now and consists of six remarkable and dreamy tunes that are great to listen to every day of the week, whether you’re going out or staying in.

Flashlights – Hidden Behind Trees

Today I’m very proud to announce that we’ve signed Flashlights to Binary. The Denver duo makes shimmering electro pop that will fill your speakers with brooding soundscapes and dark imagery, but will leave you with melodies that wont leave your head. Their nostalgic take on the darker side of electropop makes them the perfect fit for Binary. Listening to the songs on their EP often take me on mental journeys to places and events that were long buried into the past. Its a remarkable debut that continues to be on repeat here at Binary. We’ll be releasing that debut EP, Hidden Behind Trees on Binary Records June 6th. Today we’ve got two of the songs from the EP for you to get your blood racing and your ears tingling.

Watch out, they’re coming for the insides

Flashlights – Glowing Eyes by Binary Entertainment

We’ll start here with Glowing Eyes, a taste of their darker, brooding side. When Kyle and I first heard the entirety of this EP, this is the song that stopped both of us in our tracks. Singer Ethan’s voice weaves through a slowpaced arpeggiated bass synth that rambles along towards nothing. Rumbling bass and a droning piano paint a soundscape that sounds almost apocalyptic. Like most of the music we love though, these dark overtones are balanced by hope-colored vocals, focussed on the ‘ever glowing eyes’. What are the eyes? I imagine they’re something different for everyone… For me? Its the kind of eyes that
leave you waking up at night with them still burned into your retinas.

Their hands shake, and the ever glowing eyes

Flashlights – Holidays by Binary Entertainment

The follow up to Glowing Eyes is Holidays, which as tropical as it sounds at first is laced with an unmistakable feeling of loneliness. Synth steel drums set the tone, but it doesn’t take long to fall into the vocals, hinting at something sharp and fast derailing your day. And still, its the contrast between the two that make the song work so well. When I hear it my body warms up. So stay in place, put your headphones on, and let Flashlights take you somewhere a little warmer.

Yeah you heard it by mistake, and now we’re hoping for the best.

Look for Flashlights debut, Hidden Behind Trees, this June 6th on Binary. Are you in the Denver area? Don’t miss their show with Miami Horror on June 11th at the Bluebird Theatre.

Stay in place till I get home… Till I get home

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Written by Josh (Binary). Follow him on Twitter.


Introducing Joypopp — a smooth and sweet electronic duo from France. We here at Binary are pleased to announce the release of their Ecstatic EP on May 9th. With Alix on vocals and David producing this twosome encompasses all that is dream pop. And (appropriately named) bring nothing but feel good smiles and swaying hips. The first single is ‘Volupte,’ but enough of this talk… let’s get to it.

Joypopp – Volupté by Binary Entertainment

Love at first listen? Because it was definitely that way for me, which is pretty rare (I’m a three listen lady). This track is ominously gorgeous. David creates an alluring track that personifies the longing lyrics. ‘Volupte’ starts with echoing synths and chiming soprano keys that sound straight out of ‘Lucky Star,’ aka the best characteristics of all dreamy 80s pop hits. When Alix’s vocals come in they bring a wave of emotion, and even before the main beat drops in at :48 the track is perfectly balanced.

The whispering hook at 2:45 that lasts the rest of the song, so I guess it’s really a switch-up, lifts and lightens bringing the song full circle because the lyrics are pretty weighty. The electric guitar synths at 3:23 are probably my favorite part of the whole track — because when mixed with angel-like ‘ooohhhs’ — it’s magic.

why do I fight for everyday, if you’re not by my side each day, I’ll find another way, I’ll find a better way, to end this, I will end this, no matter what comes next if your choice really is to give up

I spend my time feeling a ghost, I’m loosing things I love the most, I’ve reached the point I can’t go on if you decide to leave me alone, without you… I can’t live

Damn. The lyrics. Man. What is it about tragic relationships that they speak to everyone? I don’t know which came first, the heartbreaking vocals or the ominous assembly of synths, but they stew together and soak deep beneath the skin. We have all been there and it’s nice to be able to connect to a song and remember how we made it through – we learned, we grew, we survived.

Joypopp – Desire by Binary Entertainment

On the lighter side we’re debuting another track off Joypopp’s EP! It’s fun, groovy and haunting at the same time and I can’t wait to blast it while lying out on the beach. ‘Desire’ is on the opposite spectrum from the last track… it’s new love and that tingly feeling you get every time you think about them. Is it May 9th yet?


Binary in NME

Binary got a sweet little mention in the July 31, 2010 issue of NME. Check out the pics below (click on images for bigger version!)

“DREAMWAVE: Chillwave has a riptide, and its name is dreamwave. Swimming against the current of downbeat glo-fi dance music, LA’s Binary Entertainment offer up bleary-eyed bangers for somnambulistic ravers. Label founders Josh Legg and Kyle Petersen put in overtime as the movement’s unofficial ambassadors , plugging acts via their blog.”

The Break: Pool Party Edition

Saturday May 1
The Standard Downtown LA
DANCEiSM x Gotta Dance Dirty x dubFrequency x Binary
Rooftop Party

Ben Oprstu & Spider Werks – Moonlight Diaries vol. 1 Release

DJ Sets by:

Ben Oprstu [DANCEiSM] w/ Spider Werks

Dillon Francis

Dr. Schlongo [Gotta Dance Dirty]

The Kids are RadioActive [Binary]


Live Set by:

Short Circuit [Binary]

Roaming Photography by: YoungandSleek
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Saturday May 1


The dF Loft @ SXSW

LexiconDon & NightWaves both played this event at SXSW. As you can see, it was a blast! This video features LexiconDon’s “Student Body” from their coming release.

Upcoming Binary Shows

Lots of places to see Binary artists in the upcoming weeks. We really hope that we can see some of your beautiful faces at some of these shows!

Sunday night 2/21 we have The Kids Are Radioactive playing a DJ set at the Clean/Cut party on the Standard Hotel Rooftop in downtown Los Angeles. Weather permitting, this will be a really fun event with dubFrequency, Gotta Dance Dirty, and Danceism all promoting the night. RSVP Here.

On Monday 2/22 LexiconDon will be playing the Hollywood Artwalk at the Dragonfly. It’s their first live set since touring the west coast in December, and they have added another member, Sam Gabbard, to make it a four piece live set. Be sure to come out and support a great night, and see LexiconDon’s only show currently scheduled in LA. RSVP Here.

Friday, 2/26 Binary is coming to San Diego for a show with Colourvision at the Beauty Bar. Performing live sets will be NightWaves, LexiconDon, and Short Circuit. It’s NightWaves’ first live set since June of 2009, so don’t miss out! NightWaves will also be playing the Dragonfly in Hollywood with LA News on Monday 3/1. RSVP for San Diego

The 2/26 San Diego show is the beginning of a mini-tour by Short Circuit that will see him in SD, the Spaceland in LA on 3/4, the Townhouse Lounge in Sacramento on 3/5, the Purple Lounge in LA on 3/12, and the Griffin in Las Vegas on 3/13.

Make sure you check out the Binary touring page to stay up to date on coming shows!