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CHEZDUNE – Right Down The Line (Gerry Rafferty Cover)

Exclusive! (Insert the sound of one those abrasive air horns you always hear on dancehall reggae mix tapes) Brooklyn’s own Chezdune has crafted one hell of a tune. A cover of an old school ballad, this version adds new life to a melancholy song while maintaining the appropriate balance of lead rock guitar and nostalgic synth which, is more difficult than one might imagine. From the shifting programing to the quality of the vocals to the sheer beauty of the way this all works so well…just a tight jam. Give him a heart on Hype Machine and check out his other songs on soundcloud. A pleasent new discovery. Press play and slip away into a futuristic world of urgent desire and heartfelt declarations. Happy Friday.

CHEZDUNE – Right down The Line (Gerry Rafferty Cover)

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CHEZDUNE – Follow (feat. Patrick Baker)

Brooklyn’s CHEZDUNE have created a gorgeous tune. Impeccably produced, there is a synth driven, otherworldly quality to this song that really accents Patrick Baker‘s stellar vocal performance. Between the layered vocal tracks and lush arrangements we are transported. I love it when a song can do that…actually take you away to a fantasy world and then drop you back off…better for the journey and missing the sensation of its touch. Download it while you can and check out both artists. Support the music that you LOVE. Happy Wednesday.

CHEZDUNE – Follow (feat. Patrick Baker)