Gold Fields
PAT LOK - ALL IN MY HEAD (Gold Fields Remix)
Pat Lok – All In My Head Ft. Desirée Dawson (Gold Fields Remix)

Two of our favorite acts Pat Lok and Gold Fields come together on a fantastic remix that marries music from both hemispheres. Today Pat revealed the Australian band’s rework of his latest original single “All In My Head,” a wonderful blissed out interpretation filled with swirling synths that kicks up the dance element of the track a notch.

Pat Lok’s “All In My Head” single + remixes from Gold Fields, Howson’s Groove, and SYRE is out February 16th via Love & Other.

Pat Lok – All In My Head Ft. Desirée Dawson (Gold Fields Remix)

On Repeat : She Said Disco edition

Once again She Said Disco has selected some personal favorites, imported directly from his crates to our blog. Some you may know and hopefully some will be cherished discoveries…with no further delay. On Repeat: She Said Disco Edition //

 Paradis – Parfait tirage

Paradis, always a fav to me. I don’t know why they seems to be the only band who mix melodramatic french singing and techno. The two genres actually blend well. Go for a long walk in Paris streets for one night, you will understand why this sound is so effective.

Tinashe – Vulnerable (Gold fields remix)

Gold Fields know how to wrap a track into something sweet, they give this delicate touch to all of their remixes, it flows like water, I could listen to this forever.

FM Attack – Corazon

For everyone who loves Italo-disco and Synthpop and who didn’t know about this band (like me), well it is for you. Their LP “Deja  Vu” is a gem, a journey into a digital world made of shitty 3D and love.

VentureX- Never 2 young

Check out the first release from Stratford Court: Amicus Curiae, a compilation of 31 tracks from fresh disco cuts to slow boogie jams featuring secret disco lords such as Hemingway, Sloslylove, Flamingosis, etc… Hit the auto-repeat button, put your headphones, and go to the beach, now!

Toni Toni Lee – Girl I used to know (Shazam remix)

I think I play this song almost every time I dj, it’s sweet, dark and nostalgic. A perfect secret weapon and a perfect night anthem to make people dance under the rain (in slow motion).

Chela – Romanticise

One of the more exciting new Aussie acts out there, Chela has delivered a fantastic single titled ‘Romanticise,’ released on Kitsuné. It’s a bouncy slice of pop goodness that’s pretty hard to resist, evident in the fact that it’s only been floating around for about a week and already went to #1 on Hype Machine, and has well over 100k plays on soundcloud.

Chela – Romanticise

Her voice really just sounds so pure on this. You know how sometimes you have to listen to a song a few times around before you make up your mind about it? This isn’t one of those songs at all… or wasn’t for me anyway. It’s a catchy, upbeat song, with great songwriting and production. You may remember Chela as the vocalist in Goldroom’s song ‘Fifteen,’ but this is really her first big single release on a label, and seems like it’s going to be a bit of a breakout for her. Check out the video below.

The single was released as an EP, with an accompanying package of remixes. None of the remixes quite stands up to the original for me, but solid re-works all around. The Gold Fields remix stands out, putting a bit more dancey spin on ‘Romanticise.’

Chela – Romanticise (Gold Fields Remix)

The original and all remixes are available on iTunes, and you can grab the remix above as a free download.