It’s a shame that it’s taken us so long to post ‘Fading’ –  a light, bouncy, tropical little gem from LA’s Overjoy.  Hoff & Metty, who are fantastic DJs in their own right, started this project almost a year ago, and for their first track they wisely enlisted the lyrical & vocal expertise of Binary alum and current Frogtown frontman Alex Koons (Koonsi). ‘Fading’ is one of those songs that takes you away for the full 4:32 – to a balmy jungle paradise, or maybe a breezy beach, sipping on a sweet coconut beverage. Overjoy are kindly offering this as a free download on their soundcloud, so head over there, grab it and check out some of their more recent tunes.

Overjoy – Fading (Ft. Koonsi)