Rave Life. A departure from our usual selections, it’s good to change it up sometimes, right? This is a classic feeling tune with a groove that is impossible to stand still to. Whether this evokes memories of glow sticks and big pants or just blends into the house you are only just now discovering, it certainly captures a vibe. Part guilty pleasure/nostalgia, part unabashed rave anthem, part get loose and have a great time, are those all the same thing? Throw this on while you are getting ready for a night of tomorrows cherished memories. The song unfolds more like a dj caught in an inspired moment than a radio ready bubble gum electro song and … we appreciate that. Pat Lok pays homage to the roots and turns out a fresh tune. Check it out. Binary Approves.

Robert Lux x Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Pat Lok Remix)