MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Zimmer Remix)

From the body-warming tropical sounds of “Galapagos” to a colourful disco remix of classic #French pop favorite “Ella,” there is no doubt that Zimmer’s musical identity truly is diverse as much as it is pure. With a multi-cultural background that fluctuates between the nonchalant California coast and the sophistication of Paris, Zimmer’s music is always an easy listening pleasure infused with a myriad of elegant strings and glossy cymbals. His most recent remix for MØ’s “Don’t Wanna Dance” adds movement and pace to a tune that was originally more slow and steady. While sometimes it is nice to just “wander around in the city [we] know,” it’s summer and there is no moment like the present to pick up speed, spend “time to go digging through town” and meet the ones who are craving to meet you too.

MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Zimmer Remix)

On Repeat : She Said Disco Edition!

Hey guys. we are excited to have a new series of posts, those of you binary O.Gs will remember our On Repeat series, mainly written by the notorious Joshua Legg among other close fam., we are stoked to be bringing that back with a series of guest writers selecting the tunes and writing their thoughts on each selection. First up is a long time favorite of ours –  She Said Disco aka Utomo Briard. Don’t mind the language barrier, this dude knows what’s up.With no further intro –  On Repeat : She Said Disco Edition

She Said Disco‘s selecta #1

Knight One – Hollow (feat. POINDEXTER)

Excitement. Everybody remembers Knight One for some reasons, here is finally his debut EP. This one is featuring vocals from Poindexter. This is nostalgic, ethereal, sensual, in one word it’s beautiful, perfect for slow-motion love falling.

ROMAN D’AMOUR – Starlette (feat. Ja Miron)

This guy last EP is a bliss, he manages to keep his own specific style with this a smoother twist which works perfectly. A dynamic winter hit here to warm your heart. Ja Miron’s voice gives the nostalgic touch to this awake dream, where you are certainly a shiny superstar on the top of the world.

Moullinex – To Be Clear (Zimmer Remix)

To be clear, the original track was one of my favourite of Moullinex’s album Flora, but the balearic Zimmer’s touch empowers it into a shiny holiday anthem that already gives us a taste of the upcoming long-awaited spring.

Dillon Francis – Without You (feat. T.E.E.D.) [Hayden James Remix]

This version of Dillon Francis and TEED by Hayden James is for the dreamers, the perfect soundtrack to try to remember again of your teenage first kiss.

Roosevelt – Elliot

Take Caribou, mix it with house, put a folk voice, you obtain this track. A chilly housey secret weapon that surely everybody will enjoy and dance to (my bet).

Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 1.02.49 PM
Zimmer – Galapagos

Horizontal Disco indeed. Our friend Zimmer returns with Galapagos. Vibes for days. Some tunes just make you happy, the groove takes over while a smile appears, by the time the break arrives you are in blissed out rave mode, lost in the rhythm. Either that or its just a really good song, pick the description that feels relatable and check the tune. Twinkly, ravey, tropical, sexy —Galapagos. The end

Zimmer – Galapagos